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Expert View: Career and Courses Option After Class 10th

Career After Class 10: Being a career advisor since last 10 years, I have come across many highly qualified & talented young students who have the quality to make the difference, but generally they fail to do so in the long run. And we all know the reason very well. Due to a lack of understanding and better career guidance, students are often confused and clueless after their 10th Board examination.

In a country of billion dreams and a place where your report card decides your future, it becomes almost impossible to succeed if you are not well prepared for the circumstances.

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If you ask me about the toughest decision, I took in my entire life, choosing which stream to go for Career after class 10. As there is a typical mindset that the brightest of all who get appreciations throughout his life is only applicable for science or engineering and rest of the streams like Arts/ Humanity and Commerce are not for the right students. In most of our country, people opt their stream based on their marks and not by their choice.

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They are forced to follow the typical stereotype of our society Arts/commerce Lekar Zindagi Barbad Karega kya..? But now the scenario has changed totally. The globalisation effect and quality of Education/Placement Cells ensure that no talent from any field will go to vain. Due to which even students from different streams like commerce and arts are doing exceptionally well in their life.

Career After Class 10th

In this segment, we just tried to give you a short description about what after class 10th and different career option available after class Xth. In India there are mainly three streams available after class x, these are Science, Commerce and Arts/Humanities.

(A) Science

Rightly said, “Science is not just a subject; it’s a weapon of knowledge through which one can solve the world’s majority of problems and also help us to know the world around us”. It not only involves a lot of talking and listening which automatically enhance the patience and communication skills it teaches the children’s to form an opinion of their own instead of taking those of others for granted.

Who can opt for science?

If you have decided to become an engineer who use their creativity and skills to develop a better world or to serve mankind by becoming a doctor or if you have selected to make an impact on people’s life by becoming a scientist, or you have just chosen it just because you love to play with the equations and get thrilled by the practical knowledge gained by it then undoubtedly science has a promising career for you.

Career option’s availability after Class XII Science

Some of the career available after class 10th science are as followed.

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Automobile engineering
  • Dental technology
  • Ayurveda
  • Clinical research
  • Dermatology
  • Bio-informatics
  • Computer system analyst
  • Entomology
  • ETC.

(B) Commerce

Commerce is not just a stream to go for when you suffer low marks, but it’s a field which has a vast area of information and understandings which increases the standard of living of individuals, the national income of a country and generates employment opportunities for millions of unemployed. You can also say that it’s a social science that deals with the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and enable us to learn more about how the world works.

Who can opt for Commerce?

In India, there is a wrong mentality that people who chose science steam after 10th are more intelligent than those who chose either art or commerce. We often hear Beta commerce Lekar Kya Karega koi scope Nahi hai Isme kind of stuff in our society but believe me guys commerce do have a vast range of career options and countless opportunities which ultimately translate into good income and there for a better life.

Career options Availability After Class XII Commerce

The area of commerce is gigantic, and it comes with a lot of choices which diversified after class xii. So it’s a matter of prime concern to choose the right career options offered by the commerce. Some of the course available after clearing 12th exam with commerce.

  • Adventure sports
  • Cosmetology
  • Tax consultant
  • Adventure tourism
  • Creative writing Teacher
  • Advertising Customer
  • Relationship assistant
  • Professor
  • Air hostess
  • Custom management
  • I.C.F.I
  • Auditing
  • Insurance
  • Baking
  • Trade advisor
  • Economics Investment management
  • ETC

(C) Arts/Humanities

How often do you hear it in your life “Tumse Kuch Nahi ho Payega Life me, Jao arts Lekar Mouj Masti Karna”…? I think for a weak student like me, a thousand times. But seriously Arts and Humanities are essential in understanding the modern world, exploring and analysing human culture. History also gives us more profound insights into the world in which we live in and hence enables us to approach and solve problem-based upon well-reasoned arguments and firm foundation.

Who can opt for Arts?

Art is a subject to study the prime concern with the processes and products of human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history (as contrasted with scientific and technical subjects). If you also get thrilled by the intellectual challenges and want to learn about specific subjects civilisation and their histories, ideas about human existence, the world’s religions, cultural practice and the objects people have made then art can offer all that you want.

Career Options Availability After Class XIIth Arts/Humanities

Some of the career available after class 12th Arts are as followed.

  • Dance
  • Insurance
  • Drama
  • Interior designing
  • Disaster management
  • Jeweller designing
  • Air hostess
  • Journalism
  • Anchoring
  • Law
  • Lecturer
  • Fashion designing
  • Teacher
  • Archaeologist
  • Food critics Music
  • Beauty care
  • Foreign language
  • Wildlife photography
  • Oath Commissioner
  • Painting


  • Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectation.
  • Always keep in mind that in someone’s success parents have the most significant role. The most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement the of parents.
  • Do remember that time is changing and with due time there may a lot of career options be included, so students are suggested to get the updates regularly.
  • Opting science does not guarantee your success. For a successful career; careful planning and following it up with a workable plan is needed.
  • Some of the career options listed above don’t need any particular stream. Students with any stream can take those career options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are the grades of classes 9th and 10th combined for CGPA?

A. No, grades of classes IX and X are not combined for CGPA. CGPA grade is allotted in class X only, and reflected in ‘Grade Sheet Cum Certificate of Performance’.

Q. Would the school show the answer sheet of classes IX and X to the students?

A. Schools are advised to show the answer sheets of SAI & II of class IX and SA I of class X to the students for their benefit and satisfaction. However, they may take it back for maintaining a record for some time.

Q. How is CGPA calculated?

A. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of Grade Points obtained in all the subjects (excluding the additional 6th subject) as per the Scheme of Studies.
An indicative equivalence of Grade points and percentage of marks is computed as follows:
Subject wise indicative percentage of marks =9.5x GP of the subject Overall indicative percentage of marks =9.5x CGPA

Q. 10. Is the level of difficulty of Class 10 boards similar to the school exams conducted as part of the School-Based Assessment (SBA)?

A. Yes, the Board ensures that the design, blueprint and difficulty level of both the examinations, whether conducted by the school (under Scheme 1) or by the Board (under Scheme 2) is the same.

Q. How many chances are there for the compartment examination in class XII?

A. There are subsequent three chances of compartment examination in class XII i.e., if a candidate appeared for 2020 examinations and is placed in compartment then he can appear in July the same year, Second Chance in March/April and Third Chance in July of next year.

Q. Can a candidate simultaneously appear for Improvement as well as Additional subject examination?

A. No, a candidate appearing for Improvement of Performance in one or more subjects cannot appear for additional subjects simultaneously.

Q. What is the major difference between the school-based exam and board exam?

A. The syllabus and question paper design for Summative Examination II conducted by the Board & by the schools is the same as prescribed by CBSE for the second term. The only difference is that students of school-conducted examination appear in their own school whereas those of Board conducted appear in the allotted centre. The answer copies of the Board-conducted examination are centrally evaluated at designated centres whereas those of school-based, by the school teachers based on the marking schemes supplied by the Board.

Q. Will the results for CBSE Class X and School-Based Exams SA2 be announced at the same time or separately? Is there any discrimination for admission in class XI?

A. The results for the CBSE-conducted and school-conducted Summative Assessment examination will be declared at the same time. As far as the CBSE is concerned, there is no discrimination between students who opt for Board-conducted examination or school-conducted examination for admission to Class XI.

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