10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

Every parent wants their children to succeed in every step of their life. Elementary is the first step for the child to learn and explore things. Therefore, Success in elementary school is the very first step for the child. How Parents ensure that his ward will succeed in school is mentioned below –

A good diet

First thing first as your child is still in the growing stage. Nutrition plays a very important role in child well-being both physically as well as mentally. A recent study supports the idea that a breakfast with a lower sugar load may improve short-term memory and attention span at school. Offer children food which contains fibre, protein, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, fats, folate and vitamins. Always try to avoid refined sugar. For breakfast parents should give meals like oatmeal, shredded wheat, banana, berries, whole-grain pancakes, etc. which are highly equipped with all the nutrients. These foods also keep adrenaline constant and make the school day a more productive experience. Similarly focus on lunch and dinner. Try to talk to a dietician for information regarding a balanced diet.

Encourage Exercise

Once a wise man said Practice makes man perfect. Well it true indeed. Practicing really helps increment learning limit. As per one investigation, after exercise the cerebrum gets vocabulary words 20% faster. Practicing reliably additionally builds the blood stream up to 30% to the piece of the cerebrum that arrangements with learning and memory. Daily practice ensure that the child get embedded with subject. Also ensure every time that the child should not solve same level of question increase level timely. So that next time when he writes exam, he faces less difficulty to solve the question.

Enough Sleep

As mentioned earlier your child is in a growing stage. He needs proper rest for his body to grow both mentally and physically. Proper rest energizing the mind capacities. Some research supports that sleeping in the afternoon for almost an hour can radically boost cognitive learning capabilities. While resting, the brain is not receiving any new information, so it resorts to ‘saving’ the information it was exposed to throughout the day.

Children require 10 to 12 hours sleep whereas as teenagers might need 8 to 10 hours of sleep.

Play with Your Children

Playground is the place where parents can fully interact with their child. Therefore, always make sure to take out time from your busy schedule to enjoy indoor and outdoor exercises with your child. Travel to new place or a library, go for picnics or at the recreation centre will shape your child’s close to home encounters. Thusly the youngster will have the capacity to find out about his/her environment and pick up certainty by interfacing with the earth.

Mind Maps

The mind map is a graphical or visual way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a thinking tool that helps to structure information, helping you to better analyse, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas.
It’s a great tool for learning. Kids use mind maps to learn and increase their cognitive ability. By learning to draw a logical and streamlined mind map of any chapter, story, theory, etc. for all the subjects they can remember things for a long time.

Ask them to teach

After your child learns the concept or theory. Ask them to teach ourselves. Through this, they learn to articulate what they study. Also, to boost your child confidence to ask the kid to teach other the same subject he is learning. This not only makes sure he understands it properly but while he explains the learned content it stays in his memory for long.

Learn about your child strength and weakness, what your child likes and dislikes. Focus on teaching him how to work on the weakness and counter dislikes. Always honour your child’s wisdom and insight. Help them nurture their higher social capacities. As the child first school is home and his first teacher are his parents. Maintain punctuality, discipline and stability in the home so that the child learns all this from birth.

Engage in Intelligent Conversation

Rather than restricting TV or internet usage, give your child something more interesting to do. Talk to him on the things that happen in school. This helps child in socialise with you and their friends. Teach him to make practice of reading books. This Help your child learn to concentrate and listen.

Go Outdoor

Go out and explore natural environment every day. Teach him the real-life examples like calculating number when you go to shop, instruments names when you are using it, pet names when you see them on street etc. This help them to visualise and learn quickly.

Focus on extra-curricular activities

Choose what type of extracurricular activities are most important for your child. It is best to include a sport, theatre, music or dance. Let your child select something that they can grow with, and stick with it for a few years.

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